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H01M - Single Polisher Holder mini

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  • This Polisher Wall Holder has a universal fit for any size polisher
  • Space-saving and tidy, it organizes your car polishing machines while hiding cords
  • This holder is built tough from durable metal with anti-corrosion coating for lasting use
  • Easy wall-mounted setup with included screws, completed in minutes

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Wall Holder For Polisher – Good For Mobile Detailing, Lightweight, Durable, Single or Double Station

The wall holder designed for car polisher hanging is the perfect choice for mobile detailers seeking a lightweight and compact, easily fitting into their mobile detailing van. The holder works for Dual Action and Rotary Polishers, saving valuable space while providing convenience. The ergonomic holder design with ideal hanging hole size accommodates most polishers. You can safely put a polisher on the rubber-edged holder without worrying about scratches or damage to the polisher. While the long power cord with your car polisher gives you extensive reach on a car, its storage can be bothersome and untidy. We specially designed it to organize the wrapped power cord in the holder.

Wall holder for polisher

Lightweight and Durable Polisher Holder 

The polisher holder is lightweight yet durable and convenient, a perfect addition to your garage, shop, or mobile detailing, making your space neat and organized.

Polisher Wall Holder Compatibility

The Polisher Wall Holder accommodates Dual Action and Rotary Polishers, including smaller polishers. Its ergonomic design facilitates the placement of various polishers available in the market. The rubber-edged holder ensures a safe and scratch-free structure for your polisher. 

Power cord storage completes organizing your polisher.

The long power cord with a car polisher doesn’t look neat and unsafe when hanging. The holder features a holding space at the bottom to neatly store your polisher’s wrapped cord.

Easy Installation 

The wall-mounted holder comes screws for easy installation and firmly holds your car polisher machine. 

Anticorrosive and Durable Polisher Holder

The material is custom-made iron coated with anticorrosion powder for prolonged use, making your workspace neat and clean.

Dimensions & Weight

17.2(H) x 9.55(L) x 2.8(W), 3.67 LBS

Compare the wall holder for the single and double.


Single station (SKU: H01M)

Double station (SKU: H02M)

Product Image

H01M Machine Polisher Wall Holder – Good For Mobile
H02M Machine Polisher Wall Holder – Good For Mobile


17.2(H) x 9.55(L) x 2.8(W) 17.2(H) x 14.9(L) x 2.8(W)


3.67 LBS 4.93 LBS



The polisher wall holder is a great organizing tool, bringing multiple benefits with durable construction, corrosion-resistant material, and thoughtful design for saving space and a simple, clean look.

  • The polisher wall holder is a perfect addition to your mobile van and garage, making the space clean and easy to get polisher.
  • This perfect polisher holder is compatible with a random orbital polisher and rotary polisher or small polisher due to the optimized hole design on a plate for holding.
  • The power cord is easily hidden in the back of the polisher holder, presenting a tidy appearance. 
  • An essential polishing holder, mounted on the wall firmly with screws
  • It fits any size polisher.
  • Iron construction provides a sturdy and high-quality place to store polishers, assisted by the Rubber Edge, preventing damage to your polisher, and it is Rust and corrosion-resistant. 
    Shipping Weight
    Shipping Dimensions
    Dimensions & Weight (Single)
    9.55(L) x 2.8(W) x 17.2(H) in, 3.67 lbs
    Dimensions & Weight (Double)
    14.9(L) x 2.8(W) x 17.2(H) in, 4.93 lbs

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    H01M - Single Polisher Holder mini

    H01M - Single Polisher Holder mini


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