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Maxshine Detailing Ultra Soft Brush

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The ultra-soft brush provides a soft touch to your auto detailing, ideal for those most delicate surfaces, cleaning your needs without leaving scratches.  

  • Ultra-Soft Synthetic Bristles: Fast bend recovery
  • Perfect for delicate surfaces that need a gentle touch
  • Non-Slip Rubber Handle with a comfortable grip
  • Constructed from anti-static materials
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  • 100% Satisfaction
  • Fast fulfillment

The Ultra-Soft Brush | A Soft Touch For Intricate Detailing

The ultra-soft brush offers fast bend recovery and a secure holding with a comfortable grip for detailing delicate and small areas, making it an ideal choice for intricate detailing without fatigue. Made of anti-static material, it ensures without damaging the delicate surfaces while brushing. 

Fast Bend Recovery

Crafted from ultra-soft synthetic bristles, it provides an excellent bend recovery, making it an ideal brush for delicate car detailing tasks.

Ergonomic Perforated Rubber Handle For Comfort and Non-slip

Crafted from perforated high-quality rubber, it gives you easy and comfortable holding while non-slip for maximizing your convenience.

Features and Benefits 

  • Ultra-Soft Synthetic Bristles: Specially designed for detailing delicate car surfaces needing a gentle touch. 
  • The soft bristles have fast bend recovery, perfect for detailing narrow openings or sharp angles.
  • Non-Slip Rubber Handle with comfortable grip: Perforated red rubber with grey handle tightly holding bristles and providing enough strength for standing from brushing pressure.
  • Constructed with anti-static materials

Dimensions and Weight

  • Small #10; Handle Length 174mm(including plastic circle), Plastic Circle Dia:21.5mm, Bristle Diameter:16mm, Bristle Length:42mm, 1.2oz
  • Medium #12 Handle Length 176mm(including plastic circle), Plastic Circle Diameter: 25.5mm Bristle, Diameter: 21mm Bristle Length:46mm, 1.4oz
  • Large #14 Handle Length 178mm(including plastic circle), Plastic Circle Diameter:28mm, Bristle Diameter 24mm, Bristle Length:46mm, 1.6oz


Color: Red rubber with grey handle

Material: Ultra-soft synthetic bristles

S - 1.2oz, M - 1.5oz, L - 1.6oz
Ultra-Soft Synthetic Bristles

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Maxshine Detailing Ultra Soft Brush


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