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MaxShine Foam Cannon Wall Mount

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  • Foam Cannon Wall Mount uses a standard 1/4in quick connect, so you have extensive options for storing products
  • Durable metal construction with a sleek powder-coated finish and rust-proof brass fittings withstand years of use
  • Always know where your cannons are and keep them damage-free
  • This mount maximizes space and simplifies your car wash process
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  • 100% Satisfaction
  • Fast fulfillment

Pressure Washer Cannon Holder

Foam Cannon Wall Mount
Quick Connect, Rust-free

The Foam Cannon Wall Mount ensures a tidy and orderly arrangement of your car washing tools, securely accommodating up to three foam cannons. No more misplaced or damaged equipment. Whether you're a seasoned detailer or a weekend warrior, the Foam Cannon Holder is a game-changer that adds efficiency and flair to your car wash routine. With this stylish storage solution, you can declutter your workspace and concentrate on what truly counts: achieving a perfect car wash.

Foam Cannon Wall Mount

Features and Benefits

Securely Store Up to 3 Foam Cannons and Accessories

This wall-mounted holder keeps your 1/4in quick connect cannons and accessories neatly organized and readily accessible. No more tripping over fallen equipment or wasting time searching for buried tools.


Standard Quick Connect Size for Versatile Usage 

This foam cannon holder's universal 1/4in quick connect design accommodates a wide range of foam cannons and accessories, eliminating the need for adapters or specialized mounts.


Keep Your Detailing Tools Safe and Free From Damage

Protect your precious detailing arsenal from bumps and accidental drops. This sturdy wall mount cradles your cannons and accessories, preventing scratches and potential damage, ensuring they're always ready for action.


Pressure Washer Foam Cannon Holder

Foam Cannon Wall Mount Advanced Features

*Installation hardware included.

MaxShine Organizational Tools

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Foam Cannon Wall Mount

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# Cannons





Quick Connect

MaxShine Snow Master

<1.13in thick foam cannon neck
Use as a hanging hook

Dim. & Weight

15.35(L) x
1.5(W) x
7.09(H) in,
2.13 lbs

4.72(L) x
4.72(W) x
6.69(H) in,
1.1 lbs

3.54(L) x
2.48(W) x
2.76(H) in,
.33 lbs

MaxShine Foam Cannons

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Foam Wash Cannon




Shipping Weight
2.13 lbs
Shipping Dimensions
15.35 × 7.09 × 1.5 in
1/4in Brass Quick Connect
Dimensions & Weight
15.35(L) x 1.5(W) x 7.09(H) in, 2.13 lbs

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MaxShine Foam Cannon Wall Mount

MaxShine Foam Cannon Wall Mount


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