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Maxshine Heavy-Duty Wheel and Carpet Cleaning Brush

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The deep clean brush, known as the Maxshine Wheel & Carpet Cleaning Brush, is for heavy-duty tasks with its durable and high-density bristles, used with any wheel, tire, and engine chemical cleaners. 

  • The heavy-duty scrubbing bristles eliminate dirt and grime on interior surfaces, using separate individual fibers to lift and remove stains from the carpet.
  • The best carpet cleaning brush applies to clean floor mats and durable upholstery.
  • The ergonomic and durable design allows this best brush longevity with proper cleaning.
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Maxshine Heavy-Duty Wheel and Carpet Cleaning Brush

The Deep Clean Brush

Best Carpet Cleaning Brush

The deep clean brush is a Heavy-Duty used for cleaning carpets and even wheels and tires; it effortlessly removes dirt and debris on your wheels and tires and works great on upholstery and sensitive carpets. The Heavy-Duty Wheel and Carpet Cleaning Brush reach deep into fibers to loosen and lift long embedded grime and stains for easy

Durable construction

Crafted from PVC hair and a PP handle, it provides chemical, heat, and physical pressure resistance and a long service life. The long and high-density PVC bristles in black are firmly tied to the handle, performing any harsh tasks. 

Chemicals, Heat, and Pressure Resistance 

You can use the brush with any chemical cleaning compounds and on wheels and carpets with pressured scrubbing action thanks to the PVC-made bristles, which are chemical, heat, and pressure resistant. 

Dimension and weight:  

8(L)x3(W)x3(H) inch, Hair length 2.25 inch, 6.7oz

Features and Benefits:

  1. Strong Brush Hairs for Deep Cleaning on carpets, tires, and wheels
  2. Handle with a Pre-Built Hole for Hanging
  3. Durable, Chemical Resistant Handle
  4. Use with Any Cleaning Chemicals
  5. Brush Options: Medium-Duty, Exterior Surface, Heavy-Duty

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Shipping Weight
0.53 lbs
Shipping Dimensions
9.06 × 3.54 × 3.15 in
Black, Red
Size (inch)
1 inch, 3 Inch, 8 Inch
40mm PVC Hair Diameter
l PP (Handle & Hair)

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Maxshine Heavy-Duty Wheel and Carpet Cleaning Brush

Maxshine Heavy-Duty Wheel and Carpet Cleaning Brush


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