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About NexDiag

NexDiag is a Polish production company whose hallmark is an innovative view of the automotive industry. 

Dedicated Application

NexPTG thickness gauges have a dedicated NexPTG application that can be installed on any mobile device equipped with iOS or Android. NexPTG meters are the most modern devices on the market that combine a product with an application.

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What Is NexPTG

NexPTG is an effective and easy-to-use gauge that allows you to make measurements

quickly and accurately. In addition, the gauge has a number of additional innovative options that will

help the user to examine the vehicle more easily and efficiently.


You will learn everything about the car's paint coat. NexPTG provides fast, accurate and

intuitive vehicle testing.

How NexPTG Works

NexPTG devices are the most innovative wireless thickness gauges on the market.

Thanks to the use of Bluetooth Technology, all measurements are sent directly to the mobile device.

NexPTG has a dedicated application. You can install to any mobile device equipped with iOS or Android. Dedicated application will allow you to test the paint coat with unprecedented accuracy and precision.

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