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Maxshine Boar’s Hair Detailing Brushes

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The boar hair brushes, made of natural boar hair, are perfect for car detailing. Go natural with your auto detailing with the Boar Hair Detailing Brushes. Get a deep and gentle clean with the durable yet soft premium boar hair bristles. Optimize your time and detail quickly and comfortably with these ergonomically designed brushes.

  • Natural brown boar bristles offer fast bend recovery, soft yet durable.
  • Anti-slip and ergonomic grip
  • Perfect for both interior and exterior detailing
  • The high density of bristles allows optimum cleaning
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Natural Brown Boar Bristles 

Boar Hair Brushes

Soft, Durable, High-Density Bristles, Fast Bend Recovery

The boar hair brushes are tailored for professional car detailing, excelling in cleaning irregular shapes and hard-to-reach small areas such as the sides of car wheels, nuts, and wheel rims.

The soft yet stiff boar hair bristles provide an excellent bend recovery. The ergonomically designed perforated rubber handle gives extra comfort with an easy grip.

Pair them with Maxshine car cleaning compounds for the best results. Three sizes are available for versatile use. 

  • The boar hair brushes are highly dense with brown bristles, soft yet durable, and provide fast bend recovery, offering perfect interior or exterior car detailing for optimum cleaning.
  • Its durability and flexibility make it suitable for professional detailing in intricate and hard-to-reach areas.
  • Non-Slip Rubber Handle with comfortable grip: The perforated rubber handle tightly holds bristles and provides enough strength for standing from brushing pressure.


Color: Black rubber with orange handle

Material: Boar’s Hair Bristles

Dimensions and weight:

Unit of measurement: Inch, Oz

  Small Medium Large
SKU 704619OS 704619OM 704619OL



6.8(L)x0.6 6.9(L)x0.8


Weight 1.1oz 1.4oz 1.5oz
S - 1.1.oz, M - 1.3oz, L -1.5oz
Boar's Hair

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Car Detailing Brushes

Maxshine Boar’s Hair Detailing Brushes


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