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Maxshine Medium-Duty Wheel & Body Brush for Car

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The brush for car is for performing medium-duty tasks with its durable and high-density bristles made of PVC and PP handle, used with wheel, tire, and engine bay cleaning compounds.  

  • Best for medium-duty scrubbing and featuring a plush brush head that is optimal for picking up dirt and debris for a brilliant finish!
  • Specialized tips help prevent scratching and swirling on surfaces.
  • Deep cleans Plastic Surfaces and Engine Bays by loosening undercarriage grime and grease. 
  • Use it for Wheels using gentle agitation.
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Brush For Car - Maxshine Medium-Duty Wheel & Body Brush

The Brush For Car is more plush than its counterpart, the Deep Clean Brush, with softer and longer bristles, ideal for cleaning wheels and bodies.

Durable Material Construction Of The Brush 

Made of PVC hair and a PP handle, it is resistant to chemicals, heat, and pressure and provides longevity, while plush, long, and high-density PVC-made bristles offer medium-duty tasks firmly tied to the handle. 

Applications Of The Brush 

You can use this brush to clean the wheel, tire, and engine bay with corresponding cleaning compounds, thanks to the chemical resistive property of the brush. With its PVC hair and PP handle provide an ideal solution to clean curved shapes, and deep and narrow openings thanks to the durable and long hair. 

Features and Benefits:

  • Strong Brush Hairs for Deep Cleaning
  • Handle with a Pre-Built Hole for Hanging
  • Durable, Chemical Resistant Handle
  • Use with Any Cleaning Chemicals
  • Brush Options: Medium-Duty, Exterior Surface, Heavy-Duty

The Brush For Car is for medium-duty tasks.

The Medium-Duty Wheel & Body Brush is a durable yet gentle solution to filthy wheels and bodies.




Dimension and weight:  8(L)x3(W)x3(H) inch, Hair length 2.25 inch, 6.9oz

Material: PP handle & PVC hair (double color)

 Diameter of the bristles: 25mm

Shipping Weight
0.53 lbs
Shipping Dimensions
9.06 × 3.54 × 3.15 in

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Maxshine Medium-Duty Wheel & Body Brush for Car

Maxshine Medium-Duty Wheel & Body Brush for Car


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