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Cordless Dual Action Polisher M0312 V2, 2.11 LBS, 6000RPM


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Cordless Dual Action Polisher
Maximizing Mobility, Super Lightweight, Hybrid

The Cordless Dual Action Polisher gives you full mobility to polish tight areas, complex curves, and minute details. Its light 2.11lb weight, 35 to 45-minute non-stop operation with the included battery, and six adjustable speeds further extends its expansive use capabilities. The hybrid feature provides a rotary and dual action polisher all in one body.

Features & Benefits

Exceptional Reach with the Cordless Dual Action Polisher

Struggle no more. Seamlessly navigate and polish even the most inaccessible areas without difficulty with this mini car polishing machine.

Mini Cordless Polisher V2-40web reach every site

Versatile and Economic Hybrid Polisher: Rotary and DA Polisher All-in-One

The mini cordless dual action polisher offers a hybrid of a rotary and DA polisher. Simply change the adaptor module to either 3mm DA, 12mm DA, or rotary as you see fit for your detailing job.

mini cordless adaptor

Six Adjustable Speed Control for Precision Polishing

You can adjust the speed while polishing small and tight areas, increasing precision in your polishing. The the speed and battery life can be quickly checked via the LED display, maximizing your convenience.

MaxShine Mini cordless polisher v2 light display

Continuous Polishing for Increased Productivity

Enjoy non-stop polishing with the 2-battery system. Thanks to the speedy 30-minute battery charging time, you can run the machine with one battery while charging the other. The boosted battery quality, upgraded internal components, and added LED speed and battery life display make the M0312 V2 an enhanced machine you can’t detail without.

Extension Shaft mini cordless polisher reach every place

Hand Fatigue is Non-Existent

Advancing from the Version 1, the Mini Cordless Dual Action Polisher has been designed with a more comfortable, ergonomic, and rubberized grip. Complementing this to reduce hand strain is the trigger lock, maintain polishing speed without having to constantly press the trigger.

mini cordless polisher v2 in use

Cordless Dual Action & Rotary Polisher Advanced Features

The Best Hybrid Mini Cordless Polisher Hybrid (DA & Rotary)

Enhanced Grip MaxShine Mini Cordless Dual Action Polisher M0312 V2

Added Status Display MaxShine Mini Cordless Dual Action Polisher M0312 V2

MaxShine Mini Cordless Dual Action Polisher M0312 V2Redesigned Speed Control

What's in the box?

MaxShine Mini Cordless Dual Action Polisher M0312 V2

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Cordless Dual Action Polisher M0312 V2, 2.11 LBS, 6000RPM

Cordless Dual Action Polisher M0312 V2, 2.11 LBS, 6000RPM


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