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Maxshine Detailing Brushes

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The detailing brush set lets you make a difference in your auto detailing, using it for interior and exterior thanks to the high-quality PET and ergonomic design. The PET bristles can tackle any detailing job you come across.

  • Anti-slip and comfortable grip
  • Durable yet soft, densely packed bristles for deep cleaning
  • Perfect for both interior and exterior auto detailing
  • Works well dry or wet with your favorite cleaning solution
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Ideal For Cleaning Engine Bay

Detailing Brush set - 3 Sizes

Ultra-soft, Fast Bend Recovery, Non-slip

The detailing brush set, made of soft and high-density PET bristles, works well on any car surface, especially in tight and shaped areas. It provides quick recovery from brushing action, and an ergonomic non-slip handle collectively helps clean sharp angles and narrow openings, an ideal choice for detailing engine bay areas. 

Features and Benefits: 

  • High-density yet Soft PET Material Bristles for Deep Cleaning: Specially designed for both car interior and exterior surfaces. The PET-made bristles bring multiple benefits: heat, pressure, chemical, and moisture resistance.
  • The bristles have fast bend recovery, perfect for brushing engine bays, detailing narrow openings, or sharp angles.
  • Perfect for both car interior and exterior detailing with deep cleaning thanks to the high-density bristles.
  • Works well with dry or wet, as your favorite detailing brush solution, ideal for cleaning wet areas.
  • Non-Slip Rubber Handle with comfortable grip: Perforated red rubber with grey handle tightly holding bristles and providing enough strength for standing from brushing pressure.
  • Choose a size of small, medium, or large to suit your needs.

Dimensions and weight

The handle length includes the plastic circle at the end of the handle and before the bristles.

Unit of Measurement: mm, oz

mm/oz Small Medium Large

Handle length

174 176 178


Circle Dia

21.5 25.5 28

Bristle Dia

16 21 24

Bristle Length

42 21 24


1.2 1.4 1.5


Color: Black rubber with red handle

Material: 20% black bristle + 80% black PET

  Small Medium Large
SKU 704618RS 704618RM 704618RL

S - 1.2oz, M - 1.4oz, L - 1.7oz
20% black bristle + 80% black PP

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Detailing Brush Set

Maxshine Detailing Brushes


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