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Maxshine Foam Cannon Bucket Mount

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The bucket mount works with a foam cannon attached to a bucket to hold a foam cannon. Carry your foam cannon around with ease!

Maxshine’s new Foam Cannon Bucket Mount allows you to attach your Maxshine Snow Master or Lance Foam Cannons to your wash bucket. Keep all your detailing products together and organized while washing your vehicle.

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Foam Cannon Mount

Foam Cannon Bucket Mount
Easy Access During Car Washes

Our Foam Cannon Bucket Mounts keeps your car washing organized and efficient. This handy attachment securely integrates your foam cannon into your wash bucket, keeping everything organized and accessible. No more misplaced tools or cannon mishaps – just grab the bucket, brimming with suds, and wash with ease. Made from durable steel, this space-saving mount protects your equipment and stores neatly.

Foam Cannon Bucket Mount

Features and Benefits

Protect Your Detailing Tools

Keep your foam cannon safe from accidental drops and dings with the MaxShine Foam Cannon Bucket Mount. This handy attachment securely holds your cannon on your bucket, preventing it from getting knocked over or damaged while washing your car.

Keep Your Tools at Your Fingertips

No more searching for your foam cannon! The mount attaches directly to your wash bucket, keeping it within easy reach throughout your washing routine. This saves time and ensures you have the right tool when you need it.

Compatible with Foam Cannons & Pressure Washer Guns

The Foam Cannon Bucket Mount is designed to work seamlessly with both MaxShine Snow Master and Lance Foam Cannons, as well as those from other brands. It also fits snugly on most standard wash buckets, making it a versatile addition to your detailing arsenal.

Bucket BRacket Foam Cannons

Foam Cannon Bucket Mount Advanced Features

MaxShine Organizational Tools

Compare Foam Cannon and Pressure Washer Gun Holders

  Snow Master Foam Cannon Holder
Foam Cannon Bucket Mount Pressure Washer Spray Gun Holder


MaxShine Snow Master

Foam Cannons Pressure Washer Spray Guns Pressure Wash Spray Guns
Dim. & Weight

4.72(L) x 4.72(W) x 6.89(H) in, 1.1 lbs

2.56(L) x 3.38 (W) x 2.63(H) in, .51 lbs 3.14(L) x 1.98(W) x 5.9(H) in, .66 lbs
Shipping Weight
0.33 lbs
Shipping Dimensions
3.54 × 2.48 × 2.76 in

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Maxshine Foam Cannon Bucket Mount

Maxshine Foam Cannon Bucket Mount


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