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Maxshine Low Pressure Car Washing Foam Gun

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This Foam Gun mixes soap, air, and running water to create exceptionally foamy suds, attaching to a garden hose and removing abrasive dirt particles that can leave scratches and swirls. Turn any car wash into a foam-covered authentic detail.



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Low Pressure Foaming Car Wash

Foam Gun
Low Pressure Garden Hose Car Wash

The Low Pressure Car Wash Foam Gun is a handy car wash tool that produces thick, foamy suds for a safe and effective clean. It features a 1L PET bottle with an anti-slip base for stability, even when empty. The textured surface and soft rubber-wrapped trigger ensure easy grip and control. The wide mouth opening makes cleaning easy, and the durable PET and zinc alloy construction is built to last. This foam gun is a great choice for both professionals and car enthusiasts alike.

Low Pressure Car Wash Foam Gun

Features and Benefits

Safe Dirt Removal with Soapy Lubrication

This foam gun creates thick, luxurious suds that coat your car in a protective layer, lifting and suspending dirt particles. This reduces friction, preventing scratches and swirls that can occur with traditional washing methods.

Durability You Can Trust

From the high-quality brass connector to the sturdy PE & PET construction, these foam guns are built to endure. The wide mouth opening makes cleaning easy, and the anti-slip design ensures comfortable, secure handling.

Power Up Your Car Wash Without the Pressure

No pressure washer? No problem! This foam gun simply attaches to your standard garden hose, transforming it into a powerful cleaning tool. The low-pressure design is gentle on your car's finish while effectively removing dirt and grime.

Low Pressure

Car Wash Foam Gun Advanced Features

MaxShine Car Wash Foam Cannons

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Bottle Material



Interior Handle Material

Zinc Alloy

Zinc Alloy

Water Temp Max (°F)



Working Pressure (PSI)

36 - 87

20 - 100

Suction Orifice Options


1.0, 1.3, 2.3

Shipping Weight
1.17 lbs
Shipping Dimensions
8.66 × 6.5 × 5.12 in

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Maxshine Low Pressure Car Washing Foam Gun

Maxshine Low Pressure Car Washing Foam Gun


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