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Mini Rotary Polishing System

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  • The mini rotary polishing system polishes and enhances the most minute of details
  • Wide-range compatibility with 5/8in thread rotary machines
  • Included array of pad textures, shapes, and sizes for extensive detailing reach 

*Compatible with 5/8in thread rotary polishers
**Rotary polisher not included

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Must-Have Polishing Tool

Mini Rotary Polishing System
Detail Small and Tight Areas

The Mini Rotary Polishing System brings you into a realm of automotive polishing excellence. Boldly go where most polishers cannot; a complete kit to undertake small and hard-to-reach areas. Intricate rims, center gear shifts, detailed emblems, door handle cups, and more won’t stay swirled for long. This compact dynamo brings a whole new level of precision and performance to your polishing endeavors. Experience the freedom of effortless maneuverability combined with the power of advanced rotary technology.   

Mini Rotary Polishing System

Features and Benefits

Complete Polishing Arsenal for Every Detail

This comprehensive kit includes ½-inch and 1-inch felt and foam pads for precise cutting and polishing, accompanied by two specialized polishing cones for intricate detailing. It's a versatile set designed to cover a wide range of tasks, from refining surfaces to reaching tricky corners with ease.

Reach Minute Details Regular Polishers Cannot

Delve into microscopic detailing mastery. This set enables you to finesse and perfect every minuscule imperfection with unparalleled precision. From smoothing out the tiniest flaws to enhancing intricate details, this kit empowers you to transform surfaces with an exceptional level of detail.

Comprehensive Rotary Machine Compatibility 

This Rotary Polishing System has extensive adaptability across a spectrum of tools. It seamlessly attaches to any rotary machine featuring a 5/8-inch thread and effortlessly integrates with angle grinders and MaxShine rotary polishers, ensuring a universal fit for diverse equipment in your arsenal.

The Mini Rotary Polishing System Advanced Features

Rotary Polisher Accessory

What's in the Box?


1.5 lbs
5/8" Thread Rotary Machines
Polishing Pads
1in Foam (3pcs) , 1/2in Foam (3pcs)
Polishing Cones
1.75in Foam (3pcs) , 1.5in Foam (3pcs)
10.04 × 5.91 × 2.76 in
Cutting Pads
1in Felt (3pcs) , 1/2in Felt (3pcs)
Finishing Pads
1in Foam (3pcs) , 1/2in Foam (3pcs)

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Mini Rotary Polishing System

Mini Rotary Polishing System


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