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Shaft Extension Set for Rotary Polishers

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  • Rust resistant stainless steel ensures longevity
  • Interconnectable shaft extensions expand reach potential
  • Compatible kits broaden correction possibilities


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The Perfect Fit

Shaft Extension
Convenient Set to Extend Your Rotary Reach

The Shaft Extension Set lets you reach those hard-to-polish areas. Simply attach the extensions to your rotary polisher and you’re ready to get into every nook and cranny of your car. Discover a world of limitless possibilities for automotive polishing with the Rotary Polisher Shaft Extension Set. This powerful set empowers you to effortlessly access even the most challenging areas, revolutionizing your polishing capabilities. Embrace the MaxShine difference and realize the full potential of your rotary polisher for a truly transformative detailing experience. Pair with the optional backing plate and pad kits to expand your detailing reach to new levels.

Rotary Polisher Shaft Extension Set

Features and Benefits

Effortless Precision and Scratch-Free Polishing

Safely navigate curves and contours without the worry of accidental contact. These extension shafts grant extra reach for tight areas, letting you achieve a flawless, swirl-free finish on every inch of your vehicle.

MaxShine Shaft Extension Set in use

Customizable Length for Every Detailing Challenge  

Mix and match extension lengths to conquer any nook and cranny. Need precision on intricate curves? Use a single shaft. Deep-cleaning tight bumpers? Screw them together for extended reach.

MaxShine Shaft Extension Set

Unlock New Correction Potential with Compatible Kits

Expand your detailing options with compatible extension shaft kits. Each 1in, 2in, and 3in kit contains a 5/8in rotary backing plate and one of each wool cutting pad, foam cutting, polishing, and finishing pads.

Foam Polishing Kit | Buffing Pads for Cars

Rotary Shaft Extension Set Advanced Features

Built to Last - MaxShine Shaft Extension Set

Customizable Length - MaxShine Shaft Extension Set

Built to Last - MaxShine Shaft Extension Set
Shipping Weight
1.78 lbs
Shaft Extension Set or Kits
Shaft Extension Set, Shaft Extension Set + 1" Foam Kit, Shaft Extension Set + 2" Foam Kit, Shaft Extension Set + 3" Foam Kit
2in, 3in, 5in
5/8" Thread Rotary Machine (Grinders & Polishers)
Stainless Steel
Shipping Dimensions
8 × 4.5 × 4.5 in
Max Length

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Shaft Extension Set for Rotary Polishers

Shaft Extension Set for Rotary Polishers


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